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Miller Symphony Hall

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 2018, 7:00 PM

From the heart and soul of the writers at KeyLuv Productions comes a theatrical experience sure to give you all you want and need from a stage play! 

Its name is "Jack & Phil"! 

A dramatic comedy rooted in the family dynamic showcasing love, laughter, joy and sadness and posing the question... "If you found yourself in a similar situation or mirrored circumstances, what would you do?" 

It’s intriguing storyline calls to question situations shared by us all and our stances on acceptance and love when things may contradict a personal moral viewpoint especially when offered to us by those closest to us. 

With the understanding that certain topics are sensitive and may even be considered taboo in certain households, "Jack & Phil" is designed to serve its viewers food for thought and offer a different perspective! 

Can you truly say you love someone totally in spite of anything if your love comes with conditions? Can your loved ones truly count on you when life counts them out? Leaving the ultimate question to be answered..."How strong is your family bond and can it be broken when it's tested and strained? 

The cast delivers an amazing performance filled with perfect comedic punch lines, tear jerking and heart wrenching interaction with one another coupled with the performance of the toe tapping, finger popping show tunes and soul stirring songs..."Jack & Phil" is sure to leave its audience wanting more! 

"Jack & Phil" is constructed to entertain but it will most certainly draw you into it's world! By the end it's a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the time you've spent here at the Miller Symphony Hall! 

You will laugh, cry and your hunger for wonderful theatre will be satiated! From the opening scene until the closing curtain "Jack & Phil" will be the stage play you remember always and share with family and friends. Bringing them along the next time you come back for your second dose of entertainment allowing them to see, understand and experience the stage play you were raving about!